How well do you know bands?

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Do you think you know bands? Rubber bands, obviously. Huh? *talking to someone in the background* What do you mean actual bands? *to audience* Well, there's been a misunderstanding!

Okay, the real quiz idea is to test your knowledge about bands. Please do not cheat as that'll spoil the quiz, have fun and have a great day! ♥☻!! Have fun.

Created by: Ismelllikemints

  1. Who are the members of Little Mix?L
  2. Who is the youngest in 1D?
  3. Who's the OLDEST in 1D?
  4. In 5 Seconds Of Summer, what is Luke's full name?
  5. In 5sos, what is Michael's middle name and does he like it?
  6. When was The Beatles formed?
  7. Was Katy Perry ever in a band?
  8. Who is Bad Blood about? [Taylor Swift]
  9. Is there a band called Movement?
  10. Is there a band called Apples?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know bands?