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A lot of people pretend to know bands but only a few are real band trashes. A real band trash knows everything about their favorite bands. They know everything from the formation of the band to the break up *insert sobs from every MCR fans of the planet*

Are you a real band trash ? Do you know everything about your favorite bands ? Are you ready to give up on your social life for bands ? Take this quiz to know !

Created by: Thomas

  1. Who is the bassist in Pierce The Veil ?
  2. What is Kellin Quinn's daughter's name ?
  3. What is Gerard Way's middle name ?
  4. Where is Alex Gaskarth from ?
  5. True or False: Gerard Way has 3 tattoos
  6. Who is Andy Biersack's favorite superhero ?
  7. Who is All Time Low's drummer ?
  8. What's the names of Frank Iero's twins ?
  9. What is Kellin Quinn's natural hair color ?
  10. True or False: Mikey Way is bipolar
  11. What's the first song in the Future Hearts' record ?
  12. When did Kurt Cobain died ?
  13. True of False: Alex Gaskarth had pink hair
  14. True or False: Sleeping With Sirens were at Warped Tour 2015 US
  15. How many children does Ray Toro has ?
  16. True or False: Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph are a couple
  17. In what band was Mitch Lucker ?
  18. Who is the bassist in Bring Me The Horizon ?
  19. What is the 3rd record of Panic! At The Disco ?
  20. Who sang with Alex in All Time Low' song A Love Like War ?
  21. What is the emo trinity ?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Real Band Trash