How well do you know skillet?

There are many bands in the world and within those bands there are Christian rock, and within that genre, there are bands named after kitchen appliances and within that there is a band by the name of SKILLET...

Are you a true Panhead? Come and show off your Skillet knowledge. Most of this is based on the albums Collide-Awake, and also on some inside knowledge of John Cooper and the band.

Created by: envy101fmaxD

  1. Who is their lead singer? ( been there since the beginning of the band)
  2. Who left the band shortly before the album awake came out?
  3. Fill in the lyrics: I'm awake I'm alive now I _____________ now it's my time I'll do what I want 'cause this is my life!
  4. Fill in the lyrics: I feel it deep within it's just beneath the skin I must confess that__________ I hate what I've become the nightmare's just begun
  5. Fill in the lyrics: _______ I'll never wake up without an overdose of You.
  6. What is John Cooper known for liking?
  7. What is John Cooper's favorite superhero?
  8. How many songs did John originally write as possibilities for Awake?
  9. Fill in the lyrics: What you got What you want What you need ____________ Everything's gonna crash and break __________
  10. Who did John Cooper dedicate his song "Savior" to?
  11. What do they call Skillet fans?
  12. (LAST ONE!!!) Fill in the lyrics:Never reaching __________ Never being who I want to be

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Quiz topic: How well do I know skillet?