How well do you know Skillet?

There are many Skillet fans out there, but few true fans. Who is Skillet? Skillet is a Christian rock band that started in 1996 and is adored by many fans.

How well do YOU know Skillet? In a few moments, you will find out. How you ask? By taking this quiz, of course! Well, don't just sit there, scroll down and take the quiz! Here we go!

Created by: gina_panzer

  1. What is the lead singer's name?
  2. Who are the members of the band?
  3. How many albums do they have?
  4. Where is the band from?
  5. How old is the lead singer?
  6. How old is the lead singer's wife?
  7. How old is the drummer?
  8. How old is the guitarist?
  9. What is the lead singer's favorite drink?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Skillet?