which of my dogs are you most like?

So this quiz is to see if you look more like my dogs Wolfy or Henry. Ummm... so ya. Happy Halloween! i'm eating icecream what are you eating? HUH! Answer!

Listen to Nox Acrana, Skillet, Evanescence, My Chemical Romance, Superchick, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and green day.

Created by: gothgirl23

  1. Alright the first two questions didn't count neither does this one. kk?
  2. Is your hair more long or short?
  3. Do you like your hair cut?
  4. Is your hair more dark or light
  5. Are you more tall or short?
  6. Do you get jeolus easyly?
  7. Do you give lots of kisses?
  8. Do you have to have things in your mouth?
  9. Please comment and rate!
  10. The one above and this one doesn't count. Bye

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Quiz topic: Which of my dogs am I most like?