What Type of Dog Are You?

Dogs are amazing animals. They are smart, soft, and friendly. But many people wonder: what dog would I be if I were a dog? Would you be big or small, fluffy or smooth, fast or slow?

Nobody knows...until now. Take this quiz to find out the true dog that lives in you. There are big dogs, small dogs, active dogs, lazy dogs...which one are you?

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  1. You and your owner are playing ball in the park. Your owner accidently throws it into a tree. You see it, but your owner doesn't. What do you do?
  2. An extremley annoying dog is bugging you. It keeps barking at you and pouncing on you. What do you do?
  3. What is your favorite color?
  4. You and your owner are going on a cool vacation. Where are you going?
  5. You are playing with your dog friends when a criminal snatches them! What do you do?
  6. The vet! YIKES! The vet is about to give you a shot when you notice the door is open. Do you run out?
  7. Which dog toy do you prefer?
  8. A cat runs across the yard. Do you chase it?
  9. Your owner is training you to sit, but you are distracted by a squirrel watching you on the windowsill. What do you do?
  10. What dog food do you prefer?
  11. Its Halloween, and your owner gives you the most ridiculous costume to wear. Out of the horrid costumes below, which one would you wear?
  12. What is your favorite movie out of these?
  13. What is your favorite sport?
  14. What weather do you prefer?
  15. Earthquake! The house is shaking, and you notice your owner falls down, fainted. What do you do?
  16. What is your favorite food out of these?
  17. What dog do you think you'll get? (This does not affect your score)

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