What are you in a rock band?

Alright, guys, your basic rock band: singer, bass player, guitarist, drummer, and one of them writes songs. Songwriter can be any person in the band as well as the songwriter, and there can be lots of songwriters. Just deal with it.


Created by: punkrockwerewolf
  1. Pick a word to describe you.
  2. Favorite animal? (Himt: Go for the reason, not the animal.)
  3. Since it's against the law not to have it, favorite color?
  4. What do you want to name the band?
  5. What's your nickname?
  6. Vampires zombies, humans, or werewolves?
  7. Can you count to four?
  8. What's your element?
  9. Pick a number.
  10. Do you hear voices?
  11. Last one.

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Quiz topic: What am I in a rock band?