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this is a quiz of ROCK from 1950s-1980s, it will test your mind to its fullest abbility to know your band facts!!! if you succeed you will know you truly qualify to be a Rock band trivia wiz

Are YOU a rock genius? Do you have the band knowledge to qualify for that prestigious title? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out

Created by: Andy

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  1. Buddy Holly's band was
  2. B.B. King's guitar had a name, what was it?
  3. Which Beatle was the first to die?
  4. Eric Clapton had many bands and a solo career what was his first big hit band?
  5. After Eric Clapton Left to Form Cream, Who took his place?
  6. When Jimmy Page had left the Yardbirds he had gone on to create a band with vocalist Robert Plant, named "The New Yardbirds" what famous musician said a phrase that later became the name?
  7. What later became the Name?
  8. this band wrote a song named after a Boris Karlof Horror film, this song later became the bands name what was this band/song
  9. Black Sabbath Consisted of four members between 1969-1978 which was not a member then?
  10. which member of Black Sabbath had only 2 complete fingers on his right hand?
  11. Ozzy had been fired from the band for doing too much cocaine and went on to do a solo carrer with a guitarist from which band?
  12. What was that guitarists name?
  13. by this time Led Zeppelin had disbanded because of the death of what member?
  14. roughly in the late 70s sprang a genre of Rock known as Punk, these songs usualy had 3-4 chords, and lyrics of political opinion, which of these bands is not a punk band?
  15. after the death of Ozzy's guitarist Randy Rhodes who took his place?

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