Do you know as much about classic rock as I do?

Rock music arguably began in the 50s. As it progressed, as did the style. Some bands rose and fell immediately, some stayed as permanent influences in music history.

How much do you know about classic rock? Do you know as much as I do? Take this quiz and see if you know things such as names of band members, where bands are from, albums that influenced music history and more.

Created by: Ben Palmer
  1. What is the name of the bass player for Led Zeppelin?
  2. Name AC/DC's first lead singer.
  3. How many bands has Eric Clapton been in (solo career not included)?
  4. Rod Stewart started out as lead singer of which band?
  5. Who holds the record for the most consecutive #1 hits?
  6. _______ and The Beatles are the only bands to have 5 or more diamond albums (over 10 million sold)?
  7. What band was the first band to receive a platinum album award (over 1 million sold)?
  8. What album did the previous band have that was the first to go platinum?
  9. What year did Queen lead singer Freddy Mercury die?
  10. What was the date of Kurt Cobain's death?
  11. What is singer Meat Loaf's real name?
  12. What year did Led Zeppelin drummer Jon Bonham die?
  13. Name the two people who started the band Styx.
  14. Who was the first singer to ever get arrested on stage during a concert?
  15. Name the lead guitarist for the band Queen.
  16. Who writes all of the songs and plays piano for Meat Loaf?
  17. How did the two members of Air Supply meet?
  18. Where is the 80s hair metal band Europe from?
  19. Where is the band Scorpions from?
  20. What did Jimmy Page do immediately before he joined Led Zeppelin in 1969?
  21. How many members of the band Badfinger are still living?
  22. Who is the best-selling family band of all-time?
  23. Who was the lead singer for Black Sabbath after Ozzy Osbourne left?

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Quiz topic: Do I know as much about classic rock as I do?