This is a quiz to test your knowledge of classic rock! If you are a fan of rock music from the 1960's, the 1970's, and/or the 1980's, this one is for you!

Be warned though, this quiz is not easy! You won't be getting questions like: "Name the four Beatles", or "Who is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones?" If you're looking for some one to lob questions at you, go else where!

Created by: PETE
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  1. David Bowie changed his last name (to Bowie) so that he wouldn't be confused with a member of which group that had the same one?
  2. What was Paul McCartney's first album with Wings?
  3. Who did Vincent Furnier become?
  4. Who were originally known as "Tom & Jerry"?
  5. Who are known as "The Glimmer Twins"?
  6. Which is NOT a Pink Floyd album?
  7. Who left Humble Pie to start an eventually successful solo career?
  8. Which Grateful Dead keyboard player died as a result of an auto accident?
  9. Who designed the Rolling Stones' tongue & lips logo?
  10. Grand Funk Railroad call which Michigan city home?
  11. After the death of Jim Morrison, the remaining 3 members released what two albums as The Doors in the early 70's?
  12. What was the name of Bob Dylan's character in the film "Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid"?
  13. "Cosmo" is the nickname of what legendary drummer?
  14. Ricky Fataar, Blondie Chaplin, Bruce Johnston, & David Marks were all, at one time or another, members of what group?
  15. How did Pete Ham & Tom Evans of Badfinger die?
  16. What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname?
  17. What was Janis Joplin's favorite drink?
  18. Led Zeppelin rose from the ashes of what group?

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