Are you a true Music lover??

There are 4 basic types of music. Metal, Rock, Country, and Rap. This quiz is to see what type of music fits you the best!! You have to be completely HONEST!! No cheating!! So have fun!!

Do you like music? If so, then what kind? Do you like Metal? Rock? Country? Rap? I myself am a big fan of metal and rock!! Take this quiz to find out what your type of music is!!

Created by: Brea
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  1. Do you headbang a lot??
  2. Do you dance fast or slow to the kind of music you listen to??
  3. Do you dance fast or slow to the kind of music you listen to??
  4. Do you like eggs?
  5. What color underwear are you wearing?
  6. Do you even like music??
  7. What music do u prefer?
  8. Do you like Slipknot?
  9. Do you like Guns N' Roses?
  10. Do you like Johnny Cash??
  11. Do you like Snoop Dogg??
  12. Do you listen to music a lot?
  13. Did you like this Quiz??

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Quiz topic: Am I a true Music lover??