Songs of ur life

There are many music lovers in the world. and well your about to find out if your a TRUE music lover. well are you reay to find out?????well are you ??well if your are take the quiz already.

this quiz is farely simple if you ur music. all you have do is finish the lyric. see easy peasy. go on hurry up take the quiz already.well if ur still reading this you havent hurryed up so puleeaasseee hurrryyy up!!!!!!

Created by: Kayla Marie
  1. "summer loving happened so fast, summer loving had me a _________"
  2. "i raise my arms and be pray to be __________"
  3. "one love dont you chase it, one life dont you waste it, one trust one trust you just had to___________"
  4. "everybody get down,shes friend you see you , you always______-"
  5. "i never knew, i never knew that every thing was falling through,that every one i knew was__________--"
  6. "hey a gloria are you standing close to the ___________"
  7. "i wish we were older, keep ur bodying moving girl the beat is __________"
  8. "debie just hit the wall, she never__________"
  9. "superstar, where you from hows it going?i know you got a clue what your______"
  10. "what its like in new york city im a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty yes you do time_______"
  11. "take my hand, take a breath, pull me close and take_______"
  12. " maybe im wrong you deicde, should been strong yea i____"
  13. " i got your runway smile in my piggy bank baby, going to_________"
  14. "cause if you jump i will jump to we will
  15. "and i will walk on water and you will__________"

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