How well do you know todays Rap and R&B songs?

There are many people who think they know it all about rock and country but this is the quiz you will find out how much of R&B and rap music you know!

Are you most known for knowing every song title in the world?Do you know many songs of there title?Ha Ha Ha!Well this Test will prove if you do or not!

Created by: Samantha Phillips

  1. "Tuck tuck that ice in you aint you ain't iced out".....
  2. ...."because we got haters, haters everywhere we go".....
  3. "I want yo body to the very last drop I want you to holla when you want me to stop and who can love ya like me...."
  4. "second and 8th period thought I was in trouble the dean called me on the loud speaker on the double I walked in her office like yes ms.mclarsion...."
  5. "come enjoy the ride baby take a bow i JUST WANNA RIDE YOU YOU"
  6. ....."yea i like that there it's trina on the remix all the boys wanna stare...."
  7. Si tu quiereâ?? que te coma toda, Si tu quiereâ?? que te coma toda, Si tu quiereâ?? que te coma toda, Abre las piernaâ??, y dale Toma! Iâ??ma make that thang bounce! Iâ??m
  8. i step out in the club people give me....
  9. "its after midnight and she's on the phone callin,......"
  10. ....."lets get gone walk it out..."
  11. "I hit the club fresh my stunna shades on...."
  12. ....." Step Through The Do' She Peeking I Need The Girl She Eyein' She Want Me I Know It My Neck Look Like It's Snowin' I'ma Lonestar Like Texas She On My Dick Like Magnums Gold Wrappas Lil Sonny Yellow Diamonds On My Chain Make My Neck Look Sunny
  13. "finna out walk out the door Put five on the grapes so you know I'm gon' blow Got the new pack shoe, bought it right out the door ....."
  14. ...."can you handle it ig i go there baby with you.."
  15. "now hit the dance flo and bend yo back low..."

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Quiz topic: How well do I know todays Rap and R&B songs?