How Old School are you?

Earth Wind & Fire, Michael Jackson, and Patrice Rushen are just a few to name of a genre that is sorely missed. The music of an ending disco era, and into the electronic age of recording beats and melodies. Where did House, Techno, and todays Hip Hop come from? The answers are with the artists we mention here in this quiz!

Test your knowledge on what music was in the 1980s, and see if you know some or most of the artists and songs here. Find out if you are a true pop lockin fool like i am.

Created by: Vincent

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  1. What do you think of Champagne King?
  2. What was Michael Jacksons first adult solo album?
  3. What comes to mind when you hear Howard Johnson?
  4. Jay Z's song Sunshine sampled from what artist?
  5. Who is New Edition?
  6. Who sang: "California, knows how to party. So ruff so tuff out here, baby."
  7. Prince DIDN'T sing...
  8. Before downloading music, you had to:
  9. Biz Markie says, she says she's just a...
  10. Shalamar, Midnight Starr, The Jets, and Debarge all have what in common?
  11. Brick House was sung by
  12. Gap Band is
  13. Nobody Can Be You But You, Just A Little Bit, and Slide were sung by:
  14. Stevie Wonder NOT also known as
  15. What are the opening lines to Patrice Rushen's song "Get Off (You Fascinate Me)?

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Quiz topic: How Old School am I?