What Kind of Music Lover Are You?

People feel different kinds of music in many different kinds of ways. Some people relate to music as others relate to Jesus but it really comes down to what they like and what each person is like.

Music is an an art -- or is it?? Are you a lover of music? Can't stand it? Don't really care?? Take this quiz to find out what you really think about music!

Created by: KLUVATL of KLUVATL @ MySpace
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  1. Do you relate any songs to a particular experience (i.e., concert, date, party)?
  2. Your favorite song is:
  3. Normally you can name that tune within:
  4. A song you love is blasting through the speakers -- at the neighbor's house. You:
  5. Do you play any instruments?
  6. Can you sing well and/or play sheet music?
  7. Do you dance?
  8. You bought tickets to your favorite concert group BUT an emergency came up and you had to sell them.
  9. How many times can you listen to your favorite song on repeat?
  10. Do you ever wake up singing whichever song is playing on the radio?
  11. You have an extensive music collection:
  12. Elevator music is:
  13. Music is:

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Quiz topic: What Kind of Music Lover am I?