which rock chick

There are lots of people who love playing guitar and having attitude and messy hair to go with it! But alot of poeple these days don't really like it but who cares! This type of person loves being themselves! and not afraid to use their mouth rock on!

Are you a red lipstick wearing, guitar playing rock chick? Or a punk chick and proud of it? But it's very rare to find people still like this in this small world but who knows! Because in just a few minutes youll find out which classic rock chick you really are! ROCK ON GIRL!!! ;)

Created by: m.c
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  1. Do you prefer Tim Armstrong or Kurt Cobain?
  2. Do you like you hair messy or spiked?
  3. Back in the day did you prefer beat up old babydoll dresses or pants with patches?
  4. Do you drink whiskey to roughen up your voice? or smoke?
  5. do you like wearing red lipstick? or smokey eye makeup?
  6. when you were a child did your mum take any nitce of you? or did you use to get into fights with her in the kitchen?
  7. When did Courtney start making up bands? 1980's? early 90's? mid 90's?
  8. which type of music do you prefer? 80's new wave punk? old school hardcore punk?
  9. which hidden song on the distillers first album called at the end of the song the blackest years? clue: it's on sing sing death house (the 2nd album)
  10. If some lil riot girl came up to you and said your husband is locked in your closet with an IV drip. Would you punch that girl in the face?
  11. What are you doing now? 1. clean and sober and my daughters all grown up and I've got a solo carear. 2. I had a baby girl not long ago and I've got a new boyfriend and I've changed alot with style.

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