which rock chick

There are alot of guitar chicks that don't get alot of respect or are worshiped down in the underground scene. But being a rock chick is all about attitude, ambition, being yourself and not giving a rats what people think of you!

Are you Courtney or Brody? Well if you want to find out then do this quiz! there are alot of trivia questions chucked in here and other questions! But by doing this quiz youll realise what type of rock chick and which rock chick you are! And youll find out your results in just a sec! have fun!!!

Created by: m.c
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  1. Who do you like better nirvana or rancid?
  2. Which music do you like better?
  3. How do you like your hair?
  4. What do you prefer for your style?
  5. which hidden song from the sing sing death house album (the distillers) is at the end of the blackest years? (the distillers 1st album)
  6. When did Courtney love started making bands?
  7. what did Courtney Love do to roughen up her voice for the pretty on the inside album?
  8. how do you like your makeup?
  9. Which member from L7 is Courtney friends with? and from babes in toyland?
  10. What is Brody Dalle's natural hair colour?
  11. which charicter did Courtney play in Sid and Nancy?
  12. What are you doing now?

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