How much do you know about Rock And Roll?

Classic rock wasn't just music back in 60's and seventies, it was a way of life. Most people have heard of the Beatles, The Who, The Rolling stones, etc and this quiz will... well, quiz you on exactly those types of bands.

So, get ready and think real hard about the last Zeppelin songs you heard, because this quiz might not be so easy for some. But I'm sure you know a good deal of rock if you thought of attempting the quiz, right?

Created by: Lucifen
  1. What was the controversial line used by The Doors on the Ed Sullivan show?
  2. What was the controversial line used by The Doors on the Ed Sullivan show?
  3. What year was the first Woodstock festival held?
  4. True or false, the song "Who Are You" is about being drunk in a doorway.
  5. Which of these song titles don't belong?
  6. What was the song "Hey Joe" about?
  7. Who was the artist behind the "Sticky Fingers" album?
  8. Which one of these artists (bands) didn't die due to an airplane crash
  9. Who were the members of the Beatles?
  10. Who filled in for a past member of the Beatles when one of the musicians quit to become an abstract artist?
  11. What was the song "Sympathy For The Devil" About?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about Rock And Roll?