Rock and what? What do you know about rock and roll?

A brief 10-question quiz testing your general rock'n'roll knowledge. It's easy for you veteran rockers, but tough if you listen to Britney Spears! Most questions are related to 1960s-1970s rock culture, so put down your guitar and start clicking!

If you have a couple of minutes to kill and want to impress your rocker girl/boyfriend, then take this quiz! Are you sure you know the original Rolling Stones lineup? Who "comes from the land of the ice and snow?" Do YOU have what it takes!?

Created by: Steve

  1. Les Paul is a...
  2. Sex Pistols front man...
  3. Which Led Zeppelin album has the track "Immigrant Song?"
  4. Rolling Stones' song name: _____ Sugar
  5. How many strings are on a Gibson EDS-1275?
  6. In Germany, the Beatles originally named themselves the...
  7. Not a member of The Ramones?
  8. Danzig is...
  9. "Double Bass" refers to?
  10. Blues originated in...

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Quiz topic: Rock and what? What do I know about rock and roll?