Which HWR character are you/

The halls of Edgemount high are filled with interesting characters, and some stundents are much more compelling than others. Maybe it's because their so different. Or maybe they seem so cool, because they're just like you!

If you were an HWR characer, which one would you be? Would you rather rock out with Jessie or chill out with Noah? By answering a few quetions you can find out just which band member you relate to the most.

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  1. After school lets out, the first thing on your mind is...
  2. One object you can't live without is your...
  3. If your crush asked you out to a movie you would...
  4. Your best friend just broke up with the love of their life. How do you cheer them up?
  5. Your dream vacation would be to...
  6. What would mx + b= y, according to your life?
  7. You're forced to do a class project with the snobbiest kid ever. You would...
  8. Who is your favorite artist(s)? (Names are fictional celebrities.Choose a genre.)
  9. What are the main essentials of your closet?
  10. If you could be anything you wanted, what would it be?

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