Bands: American, British, or Neither

I don't know about you, but I love music of the 60s, 70s, and the 80s. A Lot of great bands appeared then. And they mostly came from either the US or Britain.

Do you know your classic bands? Find out. But honestly if you really don't know don't take this my ending message will hurt your feelings......I promise.

Created by: Kate
  1. Queen?
  2. The Beatles?
  3. Boston?
  4. Alabama?
  5. BeeGees?
  6. The Cars?
  7. The Monkeys?
  8. The Mamas and the Papas?
  9. ABBA?
  10. Rolling Stones?
  11. U2?
  12. Velvet Underground?
  13. Led Zeppelin?
  14. The Ramones?
  15. KISS?
  16. Pink Floyd?
  17. Heart?
  18. The Doors?
  19. The Eagles?
  20. AC/DC?
  21. Def Leppard?
  22. Aerosmith?
  23. Journey?
  24. Styx?
  25. Creedence Clearwater Revival(CCR)?
  26. Deep Purple?
  27. Chicago?
  28. Blondie?
  29. Sex Pistols?
  30. Lynyrd Skynyrd?
  31. Black Sabbath?

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