What English do you Speak

English is the Germanic language we inherited from the Angles, a horde of invaders from Northern Germany. British English is spoken by about 1/3 of native English speakers and American English is spoken by the other 2/3.

It seems that British English will one day die out, being replaced by American English, as British influence continues to wane and American English continues to grow. Most authors today write in American English so as to reach a larger percentage of the population.

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  1. How do you pronounce the word boat? Does it sound like goat or boot?
  2. How do you say the phrase "there are rare birds around here?" Did you pronounce all the r's?
  3. How do you pronounce the popular British dish fish and chips?
  4. How do you pronounce the word "can't"?
  5. How do you pronounce the word "can't"?
  6. How do you park your car?
  7. Do you eat fries or hot chips?
  8. Do you barbeque hot dogs or sausages?
  9. Do you have national health care or socialized medicine?
  10. Do you drive in kilometers or old fashioned miles?

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