Are you really English?

Hiya world I did this quiz because there are loads of quizzes about Americans on this website and i thought it would be nice to have one about English people for a change so here it is! The quiz you've all been waiting for! Take it now only on!

This is a greaat quiz so I think you should really take it and please leave lots of nice comments because i would love to know what you really think about my English people quiz which is just so great! Come on you England yeah wooo!!!!!!!

Created by: Hannah
  1. What do you refer people form Birmingham as?
  2. What about people from Liverpool?
  3. Is Ireland in the UK?
  4. What is the correct way to lob a chair?
  5. What football team won the premiership in season 07/08?
  6. Which medical drama is set in the ED of Holby City Hospital?
  7. If you wanted to go from Dover to France, which city would you get off at in France?
  8. Where is Lands End?
  9. Cricket is a sport. But what colour is the ball?
  10. Who is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones?
  11. Do you wear school uniform?
  12. What recently happened in the channel tunnel? (the date is the 24th sept. 2008)
  13. How would you write the date in short if the date is the 24th September 2008?
  14. OK last question...Where are you from?

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Quiz topic: Am I really English?