Are you a Canadian?

Well, it's a quiz about my homeland..well, I'm still here...hopefully not forever though...Canada! yay! You know the place, the good old North? America's Hat? The place where all the tv shows are filmed?

It's not that hard. not unless you're American :P which you probably are. Because everyone is American. Who speaks English. Most people. But I shouldn't say most Americans even speak English (sorry, Canada's probably worse on that) at least not proper English...

Created by: Rachel of ME
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  1. Where are you most likely to live?
  2. What animal do you see a lot?
  3. You're in Montreal. What are you going to do to have fun?
  4. What does "Etes-vous entendez les genouilles" mean?
  5. As-tu lires cette phrase?
  6. This one's easy. It's a Wednesday in Febuary and you aren't in school. Why?
  7. Who are you never going to meet in your life time?
  8. What does every student sing/say every morning?
  9. What does every student sing/say every morning?
  10. In what year did Canada become a country?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Canadian?