Could You Be Really Canadian?

Being in Canada is one thing. But being accepted as a Canadian is a another. You need to feel the Caunck in your veins and in your spirit. No matter if you're born Canadian or not, you might have a chance in the Great White North.

Do you feel like you don't belong? Like people think you are from another country. Do you find yourself more drawn to the brother country than you ever expected? Maybe you could be a Canuck in hiding.

Created by: Natasha

  1. You go to mcDonald's for breakfast, what do you order?
  2. How do you pronounce "jalepeno pepper"?
  3. You go to the bar on Friday night, what do you order?
  4. It snowed outside and there is a good amount, what do you do for the day?
  5. It's a long lonely night at home, what do you watch on tv?
  6. If you wanted to get a dog, what would you get?
  7. You go to the local stakehouse for some great babyback ribs, what's the sauce you ordered with them?
  8. You get hungry and want to order in, what do go for?
  9. It's time for a shopping excursion, where do you go first at the mall?
  10. What's the closest thing to spanish for you?

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