Oh Canada Oh Canada

Everybody knows Canada. Really. But do you know Canadian Provinces. Ask your grandma where is a Praire Province or what is Inuktitut. She doesn't know. Really. Do you.

Find out easily by taking this quiz. Ten tough questions about Canada, and none about the Canadian national anthem. Are you ready. You are. Lets go.

Created by: Tata Nidza
  1. Quiet revolution is
  2. Separatist is
  3. Francophone is
  4. Immunity is
  5. Aquaculture is
  6. Inuktitut is
  7. Which are the Praire Provinces
  8. Which are the major cities in Canada
  9. Which are Atlantic provinces
  10. What is one major resource that helps the economy for the Atlantic provinces
  11. The Pacific Indians combined religion, art and heritage when they carved what symbol

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