Do you know Canada

Hello everybody! Welcome to the first quiz I have ever made! it's about my home country Canada! Just some basic knowlage facts, some are harder than others so this quiz is for people of all mental capacities!

And for this Quiz there is accually an amazing prize waiting for those Canada-smart enough to get 85% or higher! I will let you in on my awsome nickname for the great North! so good luck and have fun!

Created by: Ben Puccini
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  1. What is a Canadian leader called?
  2. Who was Tim Horton?
  3. Canada is divided into...?
  4. the Canadian $10 bill is which colour?
  5. Which animal is NOT assosiated with Canada?
  6. Which is not a real Hockey team?
  7. Canada is part of which empire?
  8. Canada's Northernmost outpost is...?
  9. Canadians are most likely to wear...?
  10. How was this quiz?

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