How much do know about Canada?

So you think you know all about us Canadians or Canucks huh?? Eh? well take this quiz and lets see how much you really know about us!!! I don't think you stand a chance but thats my opinion!!!

ahh the beautiful sites, clear waters, great fishing. Canada.. yours to explore!!! keep exploring! go now! Ahh forget it! just take the quiz and good luck.

Created by: Brutis Murray
  1. How many provinces are in Canada?
  2. who was the 1st prime minister of Canada?
  3. Is Canada ever free of snow/cold?
  4. what is a touque?
  5. By the way....What is an Igloo?
  6. Do you think all Canadians say "EH" ?
  7. what is the name of the territory above Canada?
  8. Which province has mountains?
  9. what city has the Sears tower?
  10. what is the name of the highway that runs from coast to coast?

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