How much do you know labout Canada

Everybody knows about Canada. But how much. Canada is a big country and it is very c-c-c-c- cold there. Do you know much more about Canada, Is it enough to get a good grade on a Social Study Test. Would it be fun to find out.

To find out if you know enough about Canada take this quiz. Take your time. Concentrate while taking this quiz. After all, Canada is huge, and you have to cover a lot to get a good grade.

Created by: Emily Lakic
  1. What nation is Canada's largest trading partner
  2. What is Canada's largest city
  3. Canada is the second largest country. What country is the largest.
  4. What native group of people live in the Arctic region
  5. What is Canada's largest physical region
  6. What are official lenguages in Canada
  7. WHat Canadian province has the largest French population
  8. What chain of mountains is found in the Western region of Canada
  9. Inuktitut is
  10. Federation is

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Quiz topic: How much do I know labout Canada