how canadian are you?

this quiz was made so that people out there could really know what being canadian is about. i saw all the quizes about americans, american accents, and amarican geography. time to see the canuck side of it.

do you put maple syrup on your bacon? do you wear a toque? is your population one tenth of that of america? if so, then you might be canadian! find out by how much.

Created by: derrick murphy

  1. "eh" is puctuation for...
  2. breakfast consists of
  3. B.C. is abreviation for
  4. which province or territory is sterotyped as stupid?
  5. the canucks hockey team belongs to which city?
  6. a "quebecqois" is a...
  7. what is the smallest province?
  8. official, canada's goverment is...
  9. the railroad was completed in which western province?
  10. "canadian" beer comes from which brewery
  11. in the war of 1812, we lost which state to the us
  12. the cost of that state was nothing because we managed to burn down which national landmark (later rebuilt)
  13. terry fox was from (close to at least) which major city?
  14. what is our newest province
  15. the 26th letter of the alphabet is pronounced...
  16. define "toque"

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Quiz topic: How canadian am I?