Test your Canadian-ism

Have you ever found yourself wondering, am I really, truly, a Canadian at heart. If you find yourself taking this test, you will be put to some tough questions to find your inner Canadian aura.

Be one with Bob and Doug Mackenzie, and find out, who you truly are. whether you love the outdoors, watching the silent scouring animals, or shooting them. All of these questions will determine your Canadian-ism.

Created by: shahanessy
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  1. When going outside for a morning leak, do you find yourself reaching for a:
  2. In your cupboards you will most likely find
  3. The Day after Christmas you won't be called back to work because you are enjoying the great
  4. You need a new dress for you sisters wedding, you will likely buy it where
  5. When you have a cold, you are most likely to do this in order to feel better
  6. When given choice of car or Ford, you will choose
  7. You are hungry, what do you eat for supper
  8. What is the Canadian national animal
  9. What is a polar bear swim
  10. What is the first thing you do in the morning

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Quiz topic: Test my Canadian-ism