Are You a Secret Canadian?

How Canadian are you? Are you secretly harbouring a fantasy that you were born of Canadian parents and smuggled across the Windsor/Detroit border? Are you actually terrified to find out you're a Canuck?

This fun quiz will test your base level of Canadian-ness and see if you need to go into hiding, so immigration doesn't know you're a Canuck living south of the border!

Created by: Cheryl from Ontario!
  1. What do you put on your pancakes?
  2. Would you be embarrassed to win the Lady Byng Trophy?
  3. When asked to set up a tent do you...
  4. Which do you prefer on your fries?
  5. You have enough French to...
  6. What's on top of your car?
  7. Aurora Borealis is...
  8. You learned to skate when
  9. A Chesterfield is a..?
  10. When someone holds the door for you, you immediately...
  11. The Group of Seven were
  12. You are the leader of your country and someone ticks you off. You respond by...
  13. The best part of your summer holiday was...

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Quiz topic: Am I a Secret Canadian?