Irish Immigration to Canada Quiz

If you are good at Canadian History, well don't I have the treat for you. Welcome to our Irish Immigration to Canada Quiz. Challenge yourself to 10 questions!

Look if your not good at Canadian History, that is perfectly fine. But maybe one try wouldn't hurt someone. There are plenty of smart people out there, and this quiz can help you with History. Feel free to give feedback on Questions if needed.

Created by: Owen Aylward

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  1. What percentage of population did the Irish have in New France?
  2. Who preceded the Norse to Canada?
  3. All of the above were precursors of the main waves of Irish immigrants that arrived during the first half of the 19th century. True or False?
  4. Today the descendants of these Irish immigrants comprise almost 50 percent of the Canadian population. True of False?
  5. The migrations of the ____ and ____ centuries had little permanent impact on Canada
  6. When did the names of Irish immigrants come to Canada
  7. this bond between Canada and Ireland has been in existence for _________.
  8. By far, the largest immigration of the Irish to Canada occurred during the mid-19th century. The Great Irish Potato Famine of 1847 was the cause of death, mainly from starvation, of over a million Irish. True or False?
  9. Names of Irish and Canadian immigrants can't be found. True of False
  10. Most Irish men moved to Canada because of a push factor. True or False

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