how irish are you

There are many out there who like to claim irish roots, but not enough are truly irish. this is a small test to see how irish you are, or really are not

Only the true blood of Erin can answer these simple questions in a way that any TRUE Irishman or woman can. This is actually a bunch of craic and should be kinda fun

Created by: Dont Worry about me
  1. When you go to a bar, the first thing you order is,
  2. The sight of a wooden spoon makes you,
  3. what are your views on St Patty's day
  4. Whats your favorite color
  5. do you like potatos
  6. is your family loud and annoying
  7. you are stranded on an island, what do you do first
  8. how do you feel about the Brits
  9. what name do you like more
  10. and finally, what county do you like more, this doesnt count on the test

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Quiz topic: How irish am I