How Niall Horan Are You?

There are people that are Irish people that are British Columbian Russian but the question is ARE YOU IRISH ARE YOU A NIALLER find out if you take the quiz.

Do you think you are Irish or not you should still take the quiz quizzes are fun and inspirational they can be cheat sheets messages they can be a lot of things. But this quiz is on religions.

Created by: samara
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you eat a lot?
  2. Do you sleep a lot?
  3. Do you like restaurants?
  4. Do you like zoo's?
  5. Are you mad at places cuz of age limits?
  6. Do you like soccer?
  7. Have you been to Ireland mullinger Ireland?
  8. Do you have a brother that starts with a G?
  9. Do you pronounce Mcdonalds mac-donalds?
  10. Are you Irish?
  11. Do you have a Irish accent?
  12. Did you come from Ireland(be honest)?
  13. Last what is your favorite color?
  14. Do you have any Irish friends (not including one direction)?

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Quiz topic: How Niall Horan am I?