Do You Know Your Niall Horan From 1D?

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There are many people who like 1D. There are people who think they Know Niall Horan, one of the 5 Awesome (Not to mention HOT and CUTE!!!!!!) boys that form the band 1 Direction!

Do you think you know Niall? Then take this quiz to see if you know Niall Horan! Niall Horan is One of my Favourite band members, but that doesn't help because I can say that for everyone in the band! ! Direction is my favourite band!!!!!

Created by: Jordan Tomlinson
  1. Niall Is the Oldest in the Band!
  2. What Colour eyes does Niall really like on a girl?
  3. He is Irish!
  4. Which band member thinks of Niall as the youngest?
  5. How many brothers does Niall have?
  6. What was Niall's favourite subject in school?
  7. What hand does Niall write with?
  8. Does Niall take his shirt off in the music video "what Makes You Beautiful"?
  9. What is Niall's favourite colour?
  10. Niall's Microphone has a sticker of the Ireland Colours on the bottom of his Microphone!
  11. Niall has irish gloves for winter.

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Quiz topic: Do I Know my Niall Horan From 1D?