How Irish catholic is your family?

Many families claim to be Irish, but how many have the true characteristics of an Irish Catholic family? Irish Catholics are large, religious families, who always have a good laugh and song with their beers and hold true to traditions.

Is your family Irish catholic? Do they have the true Irish-ness that so many families claim? Before you could only hold a claim, but now you will see if your claim holds true!

Created by: Cath
  1. At every family party you have...
  2. How many people at these parties?
  3. How many Funerals you've been to?
  4. When someone yells Kate how many heads turn?
  5. If the tip of the heart on your claddagh ring is pointing at your fingertips on your right hand you are...
  6. Before dinner you...
  7. Your parents are one of...
  8. How often do you go to church?
  9. Soda bread has...
  10. What day is st. Patricks day?
  11. When you yell Pat, how many heads turn?
  12. Which isn't an Irish song?
  13. What isn't a county in Ireland?
  14. Number of john's in your family?
  15. At what age did you start serving drinks? (alcohol duh!)
  16. Which isn't a current irish band?
  17. St. Patrick taught the Irish about the holy trinity with..
  18. Irish dancers in family?

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Quiz topic: How Irish catholic is my family?