Do you know your Canadian History?

Canadian history dates back far more than you may believe it to be. From the time of the dinosaurs, to the colonization of New France. Canada is a country that came before the US, really, it's history will help you to better understand the world?

But do you know all of these dates? Many people do not understand what Canada is truly like, and how noble we stood throughout many years. Doing this quiz will support your knowledge of the French, English, American, and the Canadian!

Created by: kewlgurll
  1. What was the most important thing that happened in 1774?
  2. What was the name of the Act that made Canada their own nation?
  3. Who was the first European Explorer to discover Canada?
  4. When was the Constitution Act?
  5. When was Quebec City founded?
  6. Who was the first explorer to discover the Great Lakes?
  7. Name two of the biggest Aboriginal Tribes
  8. When was the Treaty of Paris?
  9. Prince Edward Island, was formerly a part of___
  10. When did the American Revolution start?
  11. When did the Revolution End?
  12. When was the Loyalist Migration?
  13. Approximately how many Loyalists took part in the migration?
  14. When was New Brunswick formed?

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Quiz topic: Do I know my Canadian History?