How Canadian Are You?

There are many thing separating a Canadian from anyone else. Only a true Canadian knows that we don't have as many beavers as people think.

But how Canadian are YOU? Are you a Canadian that doesn't feel so Canadian like? Test it all here! Understand your pure Canadian- ness.Maybe your American, but secretly Canadian!

Created by: kewlgurll
  1. Are you Canadian?
  2. Candy Bar or Chocolate bar?
  3. What do you think Sascatchewan is? (Spelled incorrectly on purpose)
  4. How do you spell the word mentioned above? (No cheating)
  5. Highway or Freeway?
  6. "Can you pass the serviette? I spilled my poutine"
  7. Who is Rob Ford?
  8. 'Zed' or 'zee'?
  9. Do you get excited every time an American show talks about Canada?
  10. Do you have to get a Halloween costume that fits over your snowsuit?
  11. What have you won from rolling up the rim?
  12. What do you do when someone steps on your foot?
  13. What is a pike?

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Quiz topic: How Canadian am I?