How Canadian are you?

So... ever wondered how Canadian you are... no? Too bad. Find out how much of Canadian you are by taking this test. This is my first quiz, so good luck, and happy quizing!

So that's it... yeah... so thanks again. And as always, I myst write the required number of characters given or I can't post this... Oh Canada, we stand on guard for thee! Anthems...

Created by: AngryCanuck
  1. So, what food do you eat on a regular basis?
  2. Do you speak:
  3. Who is the your fave athlete?
  4. At the airport...
  5. The burden on society?
  6. I believe my country's National security is:
  7. Alaska should be:
  8. When I resolve problems, I...
  9. Prefered profession?
  10. Are you a Canadian

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Quiz topic: How Canadian am I?