Which rock bands are from Canada?

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Canada is only known` for their amazing maple syrup, getting razzed by americans, and living in igloos, which only getting razzed by Americans, is the only stereotype that is true.

But, Canada also has many talents, for example in this quiz there are many rock bands that are Canadian. But be careful. Not all of the bands mentioned in this quiz are Canadian. Good luck!

Created by: 070085915

  1. Rush
  2. Aerosmith
  3. ACDC
  4. The who.
  5. The guess who.
  6. The tragically hip.
  7. Pink floyd
  8. Queen
  9. Burton comemings
  10. Peace frog
  11. John melleoncamp (Couger)
  12. Green day
  13. Nickelback
  14. Triumph
  15. Neil Young

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