What you THINK you know about Canada vs. what you REALLY know

There has been much debate between Americans and Canadians about who is smarter and whose world view is narrower. I've found that there are several sides to that coin, and that while it's true that many Americans don't know much about Canada, neither do many Canadians!

Let's see how well you're acquainted with the True North. A couple of these questions are stumpers, but the average North American ought to do pretty well on this quiz. Good luck!

Created by: Odessa Jones
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  1. What does the name "Canada" mean?
  2. What is the Chief Executive of Canada called?
  3. Who was the first "chief executive" (i.e. the answer to the above question) in Canada?
  4. A) How is Canada divided? For example, there are fifty states in the U.S. What is the Canadian equivalent of a "state"?
  5. B) This is the second part of question number six. How many of the above are there in Canada?
  6. Time for a little history. In what year did Canada become a country?
  7. Which country first laid claims on the land we now call Canada?
  8. Canada was ceded from one country to the other. Which countries, and why?
  9. Which _________ (i.e. the answer to number 6) wants/wanted to secede, and why?
  10. What was one step taken by the federal government in attempts to dissuade _________ (i.e. answer to number 11) from seceding?
  11. In what year did Canada gain sovereignty from the country that gained it (as referred to in question number 10)?
  12. Time for a little geography. What is the longest freeway in Canada, and where does it go?
  13. Which globally-recognized magazine comes from Canada, and from which city?
  14. Who is the current _________ (i.e. answer to number four)?
  15. The man named above was able to run for office in the middle of the previous chief executive's term for what reason?
  16. To which political party does Canada's current chief executive belong?

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