How Much Do you Know About Canada?

This test quizzes you about how much you know about Canada. It includes Provinces, Territories, Canada's largest and most popular cities, and definitely more!

How much do you know about Canada? Are you from Canada? Speak Canadian? Speak French? Well, give this test a shot and see if you know the specific details about Canada. Have fun!...if you like social studies.

Created by: lemons
  1. What is the separatist movement in Quebec? Why are the separatists doing this?
  2. What branch of Canadian Government makes the laws?
  3. How many provinces and territories make up Canada?
  4. Who was the French explorer who claimed Canada for France?
  5. Who was the English explorer who claimed Canada for England?
  6. Who is the head of the Canadian Government?
  7. How did the Canadian government increase immigration in the late 1800s and the early 1900s?
  8. Most of Canada's population is located where?
  9. What is the difference between territories and provinces?
  10. What is the Prairie provinces nickname?
  11. Who makes up a large part of Nunavut's population?
  12. Over 90% of British Columbia is owned by whom?
  13. What is the official language of Canada?
  14. What is the largest city in Canada?
  15. How is Parliament divided?
  16. United States = President Canada = _______
  17. What is the National Capital of Canada?
  18. What are the two largest cities in Canada?
  19. Canada's rank in wheat population?
  20. How much of Canada's population lives on the southern border of US/Canada?
  21. Who has more family farms?
  22. ___% of British Columbia's trade is with Asian countries.
  23. What is overfishing? How has the Atlantic Provinces experienced overfishing?
  24. 1995 Referendum in Quebec?

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