how well do you know canada?

Canada is a great country. Our maple syrup is the bomb, our bacon will get ya sizlin ;-P, our poutine, don't get me started. Canadians are the gentle(wo)men of the world, and we know how to fry up some pig.

Are you a true Canadian? or are you just talk? find out how Canadian you are, and try to earn some Canadian bragging points against your mates. See if you have what it takes to call yourself Canadian

Created by: Paige Peabody

  1. basketball was invented by a(n)
  2. Nunavut, at one point, had_____-shaped license plates.
  3. In Saskatchewan, a hoodie(hooded Jacket) is called or referred to as a
  4. what three things have Canadian hockey champs for sure used the Stanley cup for?
  5. Canada officially got it's own national flag in 1___ after __ years of being a country.
  6. Between 1984 and 2008, it was illegal to sell pop cans in___________.
  7. Canada's own mysterious lake creature goes by the name of ________
  8. Canada has __ provinces and __ territories
  9. Canada has ___ cities that have a population of over 1 million: Toronto,_, Montreal,_, Calgary,_, Ottawa.
  10. Canada is home to __% of the worlds boreal forests, and __% of the worlds total forest cover=396.9 million hectares.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know canada?