How Canadian are you?

The only people who are truly Canadian are people who were born in Canada and refuse to ever leave the country. You can now find out if your truly Canadian or not. Hope you do well.

Are you Canadian enough to pass this quiz! Only True and proud Canadians can pass this quiz Hope you enjoy the quiz and good luck on seeing if your Canadian or not!!! Once again, good luck!

Created by: Cameron
  1. How does the Canadian national anthem go?
  2. What is Canada's national anthem name?
  3. What is Canada's National bird?
  4. Does Canada have Provinces or States?
  5. Have you lived in Canada your whole life?
  6. How Canadian do you think you are?
  7. Do you think I am Canadian?
  8. What was the war in 1812 called?
  9. Who was it fought between(previous question)?
  10. Did you like this quiz?
  11. Are you proudly Canadian?

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Quiz topic: How Canadian am I?