how canadian are you?

this quiz will test your knowledge of the great white north. You end up as a OH CANADA OR A HOSER. , it includes canadian slang, and a whole bunch more.. so brush up on your canadian-ness and take the quiz

do you have waht it takes to be a great canadian, or are you just a big hoser? find out.. in a few minutes. sit back, and answer the 12 questions about candian slang nad key words. and find out just how canadian you really are.

Created by: crystal digiuseppe

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  1. youre down east , and you order poutine. ...what is poutine?
  2. youre eating out , and its time to pay your bill and leave a tip, you leave your waiter a toonie and some pennies.. whats a toonie?
  3. youre looking for the theater in Toronto, you stop and ask for directions , the man on the side walk tells you its two clicks west of the pogey office. what is the pogey office and two clicks.?
  4. youre a the beer store and you want some beer and some sweet drink, what should you ask for?
  5. fill in the blank... Que(Q) Ar(R) ES(S) TEE (T) you(U) VEE(V) DOUBLEYOU(W) EX(X) WHY (Y)______(Z)
  6. Translate the next four questions. Well uh , you go four clicks east, till you hit Hogtown, then pass the pogey office and the gradge is on your left.
  7. lets go for a brew
  8. Whos the franco goof waitin in the line up for the can with a mickey.?
  9. Jesus murphy , look at the newfie takin all the shots.
  10. lets go get a pop before the shinny on the street.
  11. what great canadian television show has the catch phrase of " take off eh, you hoser.

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Quiz topic: How canadian am I?