Do you speak shoeish?

There are many smart people in the world and some of them know various languages. Have you ever heard of shoeish? It is mostly spoken by women - but not only. Everyone has the chance to learn it... How many does speak shoeish?

Do you speak shoeish? Do you think you gonna pass the quiz and end up as a shoeish expert? Thanks to this shoeilious test you fill find out in a few minutes.

Created by: Larisa of faqfashion
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  1. Who is Manolo Blahnik?
  2. What is a peep toe?
  3. What are Havaianas?
  4. Where do clogs originally come from?
  5. What are clogs made of?
  6. Where does the Birkenstock-shoe come from?
  7. Which German model adverts for Birkenstock?
  8. TOMSSHOES has an online shop and stores all over the world that does charity. What kind of charity does TOMSSHOES do?
  9. How much does the most expensive shoe of the world cost?
  10. What is the "Ruby Slipper"?

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Quiz topic: Do I speak shoeish?