What kind of mythical creature are you?

Creativity takes courage.Women are wiser than men because they know less and understand more." Surprisingly,Genius is sorrow's child.When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream." "Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away.

The world has been blessed with many individuals who have taken actions and have spoken words that have inspired legions of people. We have gathered quotes from 15 people who truly impact our world. See if you can connect the famous quote to the well-know individual.

Created by: Tara
  1. What is your personality?
  2. What would be your food?(if your a mythical creature)
  3. If you re fighting a hunter in a battle what do you do?
  4. If you re going ta museum what kind of souvenir would you bring back?
  5. What do you usually do when you re bored?
  6. Whats your fav colour?
  7. Do you eat veggies?
  8. Which sport do you like?
  9. Do you like Sweets?
  10. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: What kind of mythical creature am I?