How British are you?

They are some who are British so who sort of are Birtish then there are the rest, Take this quiz to see how British you are! so to know wether you like/love Tea or just some foreigner in this place you should just bugger off, anyways enjoy XD

Cant you tell I writing this just to fill up the space so I can post this quiz to find out how British you are, OK! right so listen enjoy the quiz I hope you like finding out whether your British or not

Created by: Calum
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How many cups of tea you drink a day?
  2. What type of TV do you watch?
  3. Do you know the Queen?
  4. Do you have a posh accent?
  5. Do you Binge Drink?
  6. Do you fancy a Shag?
  7. Have you ever played Cricket, Polo or Bowls?
  8. How would greet someone?
  9. True or False Britan owns Austrila
  10. Does this quiz make any sence to you?

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Quiz topic: How British am I?