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Welcome to our category for quizzes about the society and culture of the United Kingdom.

Our Society and Culture Quizzes

  • How Posh are you?
    [by: Alice, rated: rated: 2.6/5, published: Mar 14, 2008]

    There are may be posh people in the world but don't be fooled. Don't worry if you turn out not to be posh. Be glad. At least you know what gay means these…

  • How Posh Are You?
    [by: pookie9966, rated: rated: 1.84/5, published: Oct 24, 2009]

    Do you think you are posh, or maybe a chav? Well you can find out here. What is being posh? Is it being rich... well-spoken... clever? Who knows! Does it mean…

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